Kiki (also known as Kirsten) is the woman I love.
And as you can read in the 'Trek's' archive on her site, it's mutual :)

Just to show what a beautiful woman she is, I've placed a couple of (pre-published :) pictures below.
Obviously I don't just love her because she's beautiful, but it helps :)


kiki_bij_dorien_jan2002.jpg (42741 bytes) kiki_kerstdiner_2001.jpg (45366 bytes) kiki_rose_Aug2002.jpg (13794 bytes) kiki_dieze_zittend_July2001.jpg (215104 bytes) k_mavica_01.jpg (73301 bytes) kiki_malaika_1997_June1997.jpg (41877 bytes)
Kiki Kiki Xmas Kiki Rose Kiki Dieze Kiki Self-portrait Kiki & Malaika
(youngest daughter)


Initially this site featured a valentine greeting.